St. Tobias Parish Council


What is the Parish Council Mission?

To assist Msgr. Kaza in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating and reviewing these areas within the parish:

  • Worship
  • Religious formation
  • Service activities
  • Finances

What are the roles of the Parish Council members?

  • Evaluate the needs of the Parish and develop and implement plans to promote the common good of the Parish
  • Serve the needs of the Parish by providing a listening ear
  • Foster unity and a sense of community in the Parish by helping to coordinate Parish activities that will best serve the interests of the Parish and the broader community
  • Be liason between Parish ministries and the Parish Council




Parish Council Members

Msgr. Kaza
Nick Barber
Andy Benson
JoAnne Bruno
Pat Coyle
Terry Crawford
Sally Crawford
Ed Ferraro
Leo Ferraro
Armando Fortunato
Paul Fremer
Vanessa Olivio
Karen Sevin
Tara Starr
Mike Swintek
Anthony Varischetti


Your Parish Council has been discussing ways to foster community within our church family.  One positive way to do this is through communications. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas for things you feel will help us , please feel free to submit your ideas through this online form